Statue of Liberty stands murky

Ideas – The Making of an Idealist

Photo by maxime-le-conte-des-floris

Rina Baraz Nehdar was born in a bad idea. Actually, the idea was probably a good idea when it transformed from thought to words but because of a lot of human blunderings, in the way of greed and discrimination, it was already a bad idea by the time she arrived. Her parents realized what a mess it was and decided to spare Rina the pain of having to live through the headaches and inconveniences bad ideas often produce, so they pulled roots and moved to a better idea.

Photo by Rina Baraz Nehdar

It’s hard living in a good idea, not even a perfect one, just a good one. The neighbors can get jealous and want to steal the idea (which is okay because there’s no end to the supply of love in good ideas) but what happens more often is that the neighbors want to destroy the good idea to make their own ideas, which may actually be bad, look better. Sometimes, people are even willing to kill and die for their ideas. This got a little worrisome for Rina’s parents as reports often surfaced of kids Rina’s age being blown up by bombs disguised as teddy bears. So, they up and moved again to an idea that was being heralded worldwide as a very strong and workable idea.

Statue of Liberty stands murky
Photo by Tom Coe

As Rina grew up, she realized that a lot of the fairy tales she had grown up hearing weren’t actually applicable to real life. This was true even living in a good, strong idea. After taking many self-destructive detours to combat the pain of awareness, she resolved to use her position of strength, supported by the resources the good idea offered, to help people whose voices were weakened or even strangled by the multitude of conflicting interests battling to be heard.

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