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Tips on Healthy Eating: Replanting Your Tower Garden

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words so I’ve made this cute, little 6 minute video to walk you through replanting your Tower Garden.

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Just Lose It: the craziness, the shame, all that icky stuff

Somewhere in my thirties, maybe it was after I got married; maybe it was after I had children and lost most of my pregnancy weight, I decided: I had outgrown diets.


I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d never be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

I am not in this picture

And my husband loved me just the way I was. I wasn’t big and I wasn’t small.

But slowly, over time, even though I was working out, even though I had a healthy lifestyle – I didn’t overindulge in any of the fun stuff I did in my youth – I noticed a thickening around my middle. I saw my once firm legs, genetically blessed without cellulite (or so I thought!) suddenly seem a little softer, a little more dimpled. Frankly, it was aggravating. My first reaction was denial. This couldn’t really be happening. This had to be temporary. I was just retaining water. A lot of water.

I started to amp up my cardio, eat more whole foods but I still gave in to the occasional mini binge on cheese flavored corn chips or a chai latte, or the weekend glass of wine. Much as I tried to pretend that these calories didn’t really count, my body vehemently disagreed. In a big way, so to speak. But, like I said, I tried to ignore it and deny the flesh escaping the top of my yoga pants (darn dryer!), or the pictures where I looked like my face had expanded (bad lighting!) and my arms resembled utility poles.

I was happy in my denial, as we tend to be, until kinks develop in the armor of our fantasy to sneak in information like the numbers on the scale progressively climbing during Friday morning weigh-ins. Or the Fridays I would miss the weigh-ins because deep inside, I knew it was better not to know that week.

I was healthy and that was the most important part. I attribute part of my excellent health to the Juice Plus business my husband forced encouraged me to buy after we started taking the products and I couldn’t stop raving about them to my friends. Sorry friends if I keep trying to get or keep you healthy but I want you still playing with me as we wander into our old age together.

About two years after the whole family started taking Juice Plus (and I kept raving to anyone that would listen how my kids kept missing the cold and flu season), they introduced a detox/weight loss program.

I kinda had a problem with that initially. I was into health, remember, not weight loss. After taking my index fingers out of my ears, I heard them say doctors developed this easy program to help people jumpstart into their healthiest condition.

If that meant, they needed to lose weight, then that’s what would happen. If it meant someone needed to gain weight, then that could happen too.

The program is called T30. (There is a less intense version that is just as effective called The Complete Transformation) It uses the nutrition available from The Juice Plus Company, clean, encapsulated fruits and veggies and 100% whole food protein shakes, to add 40 whole foods into their body every day and launch them into their “healthy zone”. It basically boils down to two shakes, the trio of veggie and fruit capsules and a healthy meal. You can juggle that however you want.

I started it with my enthusiastic friend, Elana, because it’s always more fun to do something like this with a friend, on the 10th of September, a Wednesday. I feared being hungry like I remembered from previous diets. I feared being crabby like on previous diets. Luckily, I walked through my fears.

I will say this and not much more, (and I’m sure you’ll understand why), but, I did detox. Even though I eat clean and have been taking Juice Plus for 2 years, I still did visit the toilet more regularly than my usual regular and the first few days my body did feel awfully “busy”. I tried to focus on the fact that I was getting rid of all the stuff that had gotten stuck inside of me and needed to come out anyway.

On my Friday morning weigh-in (two days later), I was down 2.5 lbs. I didn’t get (too) excited. I regularly lose and gain a couple pounds in water weight but at least we were finally moving in the right direction. Haha.

I wasn’t crabby. In fact, I suddenly had all this new energy to become interested in projects that I had told myself I was much too busy to do. The house got cleaner and more organized. I hung up pictures in my office that had patiently waited for wall space for a couple years.

I never starved myself. If I was hungry, I ate an apple, a handful of nuts or some other type of “grow food” as we call it in our house. A few days ago, I went on a baked vegetable kick and coated two bagfuls of broccoli sprouts (one for dinner, one as a snack) and two handfuls of kale (dinner) with olive oil and salt and baked them into crunchy snacks. Even my youngest, Knox, was trying to steal my veggie snacks.

I don’t feel deprived. I allow myself some leeway. On Wednesday, I had a glass of wine and some air popped (non GMO) popcorn with my writer’s group gal pals. On Saturdays (or one day a week), I’ll enjoy myself on date night, or at someone’s birthday or a girl’s night out. Still cognizant of what I’m trying to achieve, I enjoy myself without over-enjoying.

My last Friday morning weigh in was fantastic. My scale had dipped into territory it hadn’t visited in a while. I was 6.5 lbs. lighter. I felt better. My middle didn’t feel like it was getting in the way of my body as I moved from activity to activity. I checked out my chin in the side mirror and saw the softening I had attributed to the “beyond my control” aging process had sharpened up. I now had an edge between by neck and my cheek. And I bade my wattle goodbye.

And this was after 9 days. Stay tuned. I wasn’t brave enough to take before pictures. Sorry. But I will gladly share my “after” pictures.