Who Am I?


I am a storyteller and a freelance writer. Before motherhood, I was an award-winning reporter for television and radio. After, I tried to resurrect my passion for writing while pregnant, in-between naps my first-born would seldom take.

Motherhood changes us. We reinvent ourselves by prioritizing things which, we may at one time, scoffed. That’s me. Previous scoffer and now embracer of the most natural lifestyle possible that won’t also drive us nuts.

I am obsessed with what goes into my boy’s bodies, their minds and their lives.

I love to travel and show my boys a great time. We are all fun-loving and adventurous.  

I believe we must leave this world in better shape than it was when we got here.

I am an observer and an intrepid sharer.

These are the things that I focus on so are also the things I write about.

I am very selective about the products I will review. They must align with our value system but please feel free to query as I will carefully consider each request. Child-friendly travel opportunities are also welcome.

Besides writing for this blog, I contribute frequently to LA Parent Magazine and various newspapers and magazines. I share all my content among my various social networks which are growing at a staggering rate (who knew?). If you have a worthy story, please feel free to pitch me.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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